RISE exists for the sole purpose of elevating lives of children when they are at their most vulnerable.  RISE accomplishes this through helping children realize their full potential by exposing and connecting them to vast opportunities.  RISE takes a holistic approach to affect different aspects of children’s lives through the various programs offered. The Cool Café is an epicenter of this undertaking. From this central location, children are tutored, taught life and career skills, encouraged to participate in the arts and recreation, go on a heroic adventure, dream big dreams, and pursue a life of depth and meaning.


Livingston has a substantial need for affordable and free youth enrichment programs. After-school and out-of-school time is an emerging social issue that impacts the families of Livingston greatly. There is a valid need, high demand, and low supply of available options for our children. After school programs keep kids safe, inspire them to learn, and help working families across the country. Numerous studies have shown that quality programs give students the academic, social, and career-ready skills they need to succeed. RISE provides opportunities for children to be tutored, participate in recreational activities, be exposed to the arts and music, develop leadership and job readiness skills, and have access to personal health and hygiene resources.