Volunteer Opportunities


Need to complete volunteer hours before graduation? Want to become more involved in the community and learn valuable tools that will aid you in your future?

The Cool Café needs volunteers to help out during the week and the weekends. You will be expected to complete various duties that you will be trained on prior to volunteering and will need to complete a minimum of 2-3 hours a week at The Cool Café.

What will be expected of me?

Possible duties may include: making snacks for kids, helping supervise the after school program, helping prep food for the food program, working behind the counter, and doing any extra tasks that may need to be completed. During the busy hours of 4-5pm, we will need up to three people to do different projects and keep an eye on the kids in the Café.

What preparation will I be given?

There will be a training before you begin volunteering with the Child and Adult Care Food Program and discussions about logistics behind the counter to ensure you are prepared for the volunteer work.